Located in Eastland Plaza, PC MAX provides:

Business Consulting
     Server Hardware
     Server Administration
     Workstations & Laptops
     User Management

Software Work
     Virus Removal
     Windows Problems

Hardware Work
     Broken Screens
     Broken Hinges
     Hard Drive Replacement
     Power Problems
     Upgrades for Gamers
     General Upgrades

Professionals in our Field
     Trained to listen first, talk second
     Emphasis on personal service
     Long-term customer relationships
     Speak in terms you understand
     We answer the phone in person
     Advice is free

Retail Store
     Hard-to-find parts
          Internal parts
          Specialty Fans
          RS-232 Serial Controllers
          Mounting Adapters
          Trinkets and Gizmos

     Computer components and accessories
          Hard Drives
          Power Supplies
          WiFi & Wired Networking
          Video Cards
          A variety of cables & adapters

     A boneyard of old and obscure parts
          3.5" Floppy Drives
          Serial & Parallel Port Header Cables
          IDE Devices
          Beige ATX Cases
          Sorry, No MFM HDs or ISA cards.